Friday, February 26, 2010

The Flapper Dress

Tomorrow night I'm doing the mom's dance thing at my daughter's big dance performance.  Yeah you heard me right.  I'm doing the Mom's Dance.  If you're wondering, the mom's of the girls on Sarah's dance team learn a dance and perform it.  We've practiced every Sunday for over a month.

I am doing this because a) it was in exchange for a night out (she didn't want to sleep over at the dance team sleepover and I had a hot date, to be totally honest.  I said, "Spend the night here and I'll do the Mom's Dance."  Hot, hot date people.) and b) because I knew it would really make her happy.

It has actually been fun but all this is just a bit of background.  The most important, critical thing here is...

I get to wear a flapper dress.

It's turquoise.

It's REALLY flappy.

I can't put it on and not shake what the Good Lord gave me.  I can't not shake my hips when I walk.  And I just randomly shake my chest when I'm standing still.  And sometimes, the shake?  It starts in my lower back?  And the next thing I know my hands are in the air and I've shimmied all the way up through my fingertips.

A flapper dress just immediately imbues one with sass and confidence.  I have no problem with anything about my body in a flapper dress.  That's right, I'm curvy!  And watch how I can move those curves!

I'm movin' those curves in front of a very large audience tomorrow night but I'm just not even nervous and all the credit goes to the all powerful, sass and confidence imbuing...flapper dress.

Ladies?  I recommend purchasing one and wearing it around the house from time to time.   

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  1. Picture needed of said flapper dress. Immediately.

  2. I'll take some tonight when I've got the full do on and post. If I can not shimmy long enough for a picture.