Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night and All is Well

I have nothing interesting to report.  I worked for 14 hours today and, honestly?  I loved it.  Oh wait, there is something.  I had a big deal at work I was a bit stressed about and I totally won it.  And...I love to win.  Oh yes I do.  It was a good good day.

My cracked rib or torn muscle or f'ed up lung or WHATEVER the hell it is that is torturing me so?  Is still torturing me.  No I haven't actually been to the doctor.  But I did call one.  Do any doctors ever read this drivel?  How long does it take for this to not hurt so freaking bad?  Or could it be something else?  Nights are the worst.  No, actually, mornings are the worst.  Really super tired of dealing with this.  And my plane ride from hell last night didn't really help things.  Want to feel normal.  No bronchitis.  No splitting , insanity-producing pain from my right side, please.

This weekend Sarah has her dance competition and people, I cannot wait to see this.  This is her team competition and they are GOOD.  She is amazing.  I can't even really relate to her when she dances.  Parents, you will likely understand that.  It's nothing I taught her.  It's nothing she inherited from me, or her dad for that matter.  It is all her.  It is her own thing.  And oh my there is nothing I like better than to see her do her own thing.  I cry every time I watch her dance.  Every time.  Because I'm so amazed and proud of her.

So now I'm going to bed.  And I'll get up early and work, then I'll do the dance thing with Sarah, and cry, then Big is coming for dinner with my family, and then it's Sunday and starts all over again.

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