Saturday, February 27, 2010

Go Baby Girl!

And The Flapper Dress, Part II.

First of all, here you go. A picture, as requested. I like how Sarah looks slightly pained. She actually wasn't.  She was very happy I did the whole deal and she liked the dress.

So what you can't see are my fishnet hose, and I have to tell you, fishnet hose are sexy.  No way around it.  And yes, I SHOOK IT. OH YES I DID!

My debut as a dancer went great.  I had a good time. I was actually more confident on stage in front of a bunch of people than I was in rehearsal. Go figure...

But way more importantly, and I know I've blogged about this many times, Sarah was her fabulous self.  She is just good at this stuff and it is truly such a treat to watch her dance. It's a present. I mean, that is MY KID UP THERE!!!  THAT ONE WHO JUST DID THAT CRAZY THING WITH HER LEG!!!

The performance tonight was absolutely spectacular. The lights, the sound, the costumes, the talent.  Unbelievable. I'm so glad Sarah is a part of this, even if it does cost me a fortune.

At one point, it's dark, and the next group of girls is on stage waiting for the music and the lights to come up, and someone back behind me somewhere yells "Go Baby Girl!"  I smiled. Ya know, that knowing smile. Then the lights came up, and there were these beautiful...well, women...on stage.  And I started to cry.

It was the Elites.

What every one of these little dancers wants to be some day. The cream of the crop. The top. The best you can be at this studio. They are amazing dancers. They are for the most part seniors in high school. 17, 18-years-old.  And all of them were once baby girls.  And still are someone's baby girl.  Part of the reason I am blogging at 11 on a Saturday night when I am exhausted (and still in my flapper dress, mind you. I swear I am) is because I am trying to get a handle on where the tears came from.

No, it wasn't the normal - oh that was someone's baby girl and look she's all grown up.  Of course that was part of it.  But I think it is somehow intertwined with my complete awe of Sarah's talent.  Probably like the mom who shouted out to her baby girl at that moment.

Go Baby Girl!

It still makes me cry, and I promise I've only had one glass of wine tonight.

Go - go, dance, grow, be amazing. GO!  Go, even though I don't want you to ever go.  You go!  I won't hold you back.  GO!

Baby Girl - always my baby. Always. How did my baby girl grow into this beautiful woman? How did the baby girl I held in my arms learn to dance like that? You did this. Not me. You are unique and amazing and you did this all yourself. I'm so proud of you. You're my baby but before I know it you will be someone else's baby. And it will mean something entirely different. But you are my baby girl from the day you were born, to now, to when you have baby girls of your own.

Go Baby Girl!

There is such passion behind it. Passion with a bit of sadness. Passion with strength and security. Go Baby Girl! Spread those wings. You are ready. Don't pay attention to my tears, just go. You're ready. I'm proud and I'm happy and in some ways, my work is done. Go! I'll be fine. Go.

Sighs. And now I am home alone tonight with a fabulous bottle of wine. Sarah went home with her dad. And I admittedly feel a bit lonely, but not in the way you might think. Nights like this I need to be with my baby's daddy. But life is what it is, and I have to say...this Cabernet Franc? It will do.

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  1. Well, I cried all the way through this. And now I have my new more-meaningful-than-anyone-else-around-me-will-know battle cry: "Go Baby Girl!"

    Also, y'all looked fabulous!