Thursday, February 4, 2010

Laughter and Other Unconnected Thoughts

I got home in time tonight to pick up my sweet daughter from cotillion.  It was 8:00 and she hadn't yet eaten dinner and was starving, of course.  Note:  It's her choice not to eat before cotillion...she'd rather primp and she has limited time.  I totally get it.

Anyway, she wanted to go to Macaroni Grill, so we did.  And we had the most lovely dinner together.  And then we totally cracked ourselves up in the car about something on the way home and I have to say, having a really good belly laugh with your daughter is like the sweetest candy there is. 

Completely unrelated, I was in the worst turbulence I've been in in recent memory on my flight home tonight.  Rationally, I knew we were fine.  But umm, I still felt fear.  Fortunately I was sitting next to the nicest guy, who happened to be a pilot, who gave me a very excellent education on turbulence including that fact that what we were experiencing was just "moderate chop."  I definitely do not ever want to experience anything more than moderate chop and I wanted a cigarette when I got off the plane but did not have one.

And completely unrelated to either of the two topics above, more highlights from this most recent business trip:
  • The barista at Starbucks who called me and Jason the "business people who look way too young to be business people" and whom I promptly informed that I was 38.  He then said "Well, I'd marry you.  You look 23."  I don't look 23 (possibly 33), but I do want to go back to that Starbucks.  When that guy is working.
  • The clerk at the hotel in Beaumont who saw me walk in with some Blue Moon and promptly found an orange and sliced it up for me so I could have it with my beer.  Now, I may not have been Guest of the Day! anywhere, but that's service, people.  A Blue Moon just isn't a Blue Moon without a bit of orange.
  • Driving to Bridge City from Beaumont is terrifying.  Enough said.  Ewww.  But Bridge City itself is fine once you arrive.
  • Knocking out three client visits two hours from the airport and still making a 5:00 flight feels great.
  • Being home with my girl and my dog in my own bed feels even better.

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