Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sensible Shoes

Here's the thing about always traveling with a dude: (a dude who is married, has a new baby, etc. so who isn't trying to impress me or be cool)  The dude is honest.

Lately, I've been getting a lot of grief from him because of the fact that I always have bare legs and open-toed shoes.  Now, he's a man, and appreciates nice looking legs, and a nicely painted toe peeping out of a nice high heel, but the fact of the matter is I have been miserably cold on several of our trips and he thinks I'm totally ridiculous.  And I guess his reasoning coupled with the fact that I'm tired of being cold has gotten to me.

Tonight?  I bought sensible shoes.  And honestly?  It hurt my soul just a little bitty bit.

People, neither pair are open-toed, neither pair are platform, and neither pair have a super awesome high heel.  I have this deal with shoes.  I always get compliments on my shoes.  Not kidding - always.  But these?  Not sure...I'll see. 

I shopped at Nordstrom's tonight and the one shoe rule I had for myself was NO OPEN TOES.  And oh...there were so many beautiful sandals, and open-toed shoes.  But I didn't do it.  I bought two pair of closed-toe, relatively sensible shoes.  One pair is totally sensible; one pair mostly sensible.  Here they are:

First of all, people, check out my wingtips!  Okay really they look like my dad's shoes and I love them!  They do have a little bit of a heel...
but to me, that really isn't much of one.  And they are closed-toe, and therefore warm.  Success.

But then...there are these:
That is no heel.  That, to me, is a flat.  I don't know that I will actually wear them because I will look...well, I'll look...my height.  Which is 5'2" short.  
But here is the weird thing.  I had to buy those shoes because as I was going to bed last night, and contemplating the fact I really had to either A) buy some closed-toe shoes or B) stop bitching about being cold, I pictured in my head a pair of pumps, with a square toe, and a strap over my foot.  Pretty much like these, only in my vision they were higher heeled, with a skinnier heel, much sexier, and they were Christian Laboutins.  (Remember the vicodin and the muscle relaxant...makes me a shoe designer)  Yeah okay so not exactly these shoes but kind of sort of similar.

So after the shoes, I bought two suits and numerous tops and I feel a total sense of relief.  And really, a big shout out to Nordstrom's.  Suddenly, it was 10 minutes to 7:00 and I had to pick up Sarah at 7.  I left all of my pickings with my awesome salesperson Wendy, dashed out to to get Sarah from dance, ran her home to change, dashed back to Nordstrom's where she had me all ready to go.  Then, my awesome salesperson Wendy recommended we dine at the Bistro which is in Nordstrom's and I'll be damned if it wasn't great!  And yes, don't worry, I could get a glass of wine there!  Now, I had to send my first glass back because either I chose poorly or it was a bad bottle, but they handled it.  And Sarah could get mac and cheese!  WHO KNEW?? 

I have, again, done my part for the economy.  And tomorrow, when I visit clients in South Texas, my toes will be appropriately covered, and I won't be wearing the same suit I saw them in last time.

And one more thing.  My awesome salesperson Wendy?  Looked totally like Christina Applegate in about 20 years.  And I say that with zero snarkiness.  She was just a really nice, cute, older Christine Applegate.

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