Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soul Man

I will now become a mommy-blogger momentarily.

Sarah had a dance competition today.  She is on a dance team here in Austin, and her group, the Juniors, competed with two dances today, jazz and tap.

I vividly remember my little girl running off the stage in terror, TERROR, in pre-k.

I vividly remember my little girl...who I know so well and can read her face like she is it absolutely everything she had in kindergarten to make it through the school play.  She was hanging on by a thread the entire time, but she did it, and she didn't burst into tears until it was all done.

How did that little girl become this amazing performer I got to see today?  I don't even know her on the stage.  She is an amazing dancer...something I am most certainly not...and she has become a total performer.  I was as impressed today with her stage presence as I was with her dancing, and that is something.

Ah this is one of those times when my words cannot do justice to what I feel.  I am impressed, amazed, astounded, in awe of my child when she dances.  It was just incredible to see her today.  It's unexpected.  I don't ever see her practice because, well, I have a job.  And my babysitters drop her at dance and often, my mom or my sitters pick her up.  It's just our reality, and it's fine...but it gives me the opportunity to be totally surprised by her, which is delightful.  Wow she was great today.  Wow!

And as I am hammering away on my blog, my dad and Big are in the hot tub talking about stuff.  History.  Astronomy.  Politics.  It's all perfect, right?  Dude who loves me, totally hanging with my dad.  My daughter and pseudo step-daughter here tonight too.  Fabulous dinner.  My dad cooked a standing rib roast.  I did the sides...and Big made Yorkshire Pudding.  All good. So what, I ask, is wrong with me? I don't know.  Maybe life is more interesting with a bit of drama?  But who really needs interesting? Or drama?

I just realized my title, "Soul Man" makes no sense.  That is what Sarah tap-danced to today.  And this picture?  Her tap costume.

How the lucky am I?  Single mom?  Yeah.  WHO CARES.  I have so much.

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