Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

Two blogs today.  You heard me.

So a quick disclaimer:  I love football.  I understand football, I know the rules, I follow Texas football kind of religiously.  I'm that kind of chick.  But I haven't really been into the pros in a couple of years...I'm not sure why.  As you know, I was busy all weekend with Sarah's dance competition, and for me, Sundays are kind of critical.  I do all the laundry, get all the grocery shopping done, and prepare for the week ahead.  If I don't, the week ahead is guaranteed to kind of suck. 

So...since a big chunk of my day was spent at competition, I had to get all my stuff done in the late afternoon thus cutting into my real enjoyment of the Super Bowl.  I did catch most of the second half, and yeah, it was awesome.  But anyway, here it is.  The Super Bowl from a chick's perspective.

Choosing to wait until the game started to do my shopping at HEB was freaking brilliant.  The most pleasant Sunday grocery shopping experience ever.  NO ONE WAS THERE.   And, NO ONE WAS ON THE ROAD.  It has been a long weekend and that was just sweet.

The Google ad made me tear up.  I loved it.

Loved the Budweiser ad with the Clydesdale horses and the LONGHORN!!!!  THE LONGHORN! 

Drew Brees, holding his son and crying, was the best part of the whole thing.  I so get it.  He just did this great thing, this huge thing, and he's looking at his son, who is there with him even though he doesn't have any idea what is going on...and he is probably feeling so overwhelmingly grateful, and blessed, to have so much.  I loved it.  Loved it.  Hometown boy done GOOD.

And so yeah, I did watch most of the second half and some of the first and I love Sean Payton.  Loved the gutsy calls.  I totally respect that.  He went in there to win, and he played to win the entire time.  He never played to not lose...he played to win.  Great game, and Geaux Saints!

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