Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zero Degrees and Drinking the Kool-Aid

It's Wednesday Night Decompressing for Clare.  Similar to Monday Night Sushi, only completely different. 

First of all, I was in Omaha, Nebraska today where the high was 19 degrees and the low was 0.  Yes, the low was ZERO.  When I checked the temperature around 10:00  It was 1.  ONE!  It doesn't compute.  Like, it confuses me.  1 degree?  What?  I don't understand.

So, related to that, I arrived at my hotel in Omaha on Monday around 6:00 p.m. and did not leave the hotel until today around 3:00.  Yes, I was inside, without a hint of fresh air or sunshine, for 45 hours.  I think this was wise.

And guess what?!  Those closed-toe shoes I got?  I got many compliments on them.  The wing-tip looking ones.  The streak continues.  Even a middle-aged sales guy said "At some point in our session today I noticed your shoes.  Those are really cool shoes!"  Thank God. .

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon lately.  I turned 38 in January.  I think I've mentioned that a time or two.  At this meeting in Omaha, a couple of times in conversation it would come up that I have a daughter.  And people would say "Oh you have a daughter!  How old is she?!"  And I would say, "She'll turn 11 in April."

And I've been getting shocked faces and weird looks for that.  So then I say "I'm 38.  It's legit."  And THEN people are like...


First of all, something about 38 triggers some response that 37 didn't.  I'm totally serious.  I've had these conversations before.  And before January 1st of this year when I would say "I'm 37.  It's legit,"  people would just say, without shock and a weird look "Oh.  You look great.  You don't look 37."  It was a very normal conversation.  Lately I feel like I've been needing to defend myself.  Yes, my daughter is almost 11, but I swear I didn't have her when I was sixteen.  It's strange.  It's strange enough to where I'm not even totally eating it up as a compliment.  The thing is, no, I don't look 38, like I've said before.  But I don't look less than 30 either.  It's weird.
The Kool-Aid logo.

And yes I am totally drinking the Kool-Aid at my job.  I am just back from a sales-type conference and I'm hooked.  The meeting had the intended effect on me and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I've never worked for a gigantic corporation like the one I am working for now, and I am totally digging it.  I am excited to get to the office tomorrow and work hard.  It's a nice feeling.  Pour me another glass, please.
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  1. Beyond awesome, isn't it? I turned 38 in November. In December I went to my 10-years-younger sisters' Xmas party and had the same experience. All night: "You're thirty-EIGHT?! You have THREE kids?!" Best.Party.EVER.