Thursday, March 18, 2010

Road Trippin': The Week in Review

I've slept in my own bed exactly once in the last oh...ten days or so. I've been traveling for work some, and details about where else I've been shall not be disclosed at this time.  It was nice to be home last night, though. I'm ready for Sarah to be home and to get back into my routine.

I've been to Houston, Corrigan, Pearland, George West, La Grange, and Hico in the last week and I have to say...something about small towns (clearly I'm excluding Houston now) refreshes me. I particularly liked Hico...and Hamilton, which I drove through on the way to Hico. I think about the fact that the people who live in these small towns have lives as full as my own, just in a different setting. And that all over the place, life is going on. Not just the big ol' cities. I sometimes think I could be happy in a small town. Give me a dog or two, a nice big vegetable garden, wine shipments on a regular basis, and a stellar internet connection and I think I'd be good.

I saw patches of wild flowers that literally made me catch my breath they were so bright and beautiful.

I was detoured off of I-37 on Tuesday and wasn't sure why.  But I was in the middle of nowhere when I was detoured, and I could smell something burning in the air and there were news helicopters in the sky so I knew it couldn't be good.  It wasn't..

I've seen lots of friends and met some new ones, including one who did my favorite - you don't look 38 you look 28!!!  It never gets old. Never gets old.

I've appreciated this city I live in and have felt very connected to it despite my travels.  Hi there SXSW, the Rodeo, Spring Break, St. Patrick's Day and Springtime in Austin TX.

I've said some things to some people that once I said them...I realized they were true. Sorry to be cryptic again but I've got to leave it at that. But I've got a lot to chew on.

I absolutely broke Big's heart and I am not to a point where I can really deal with that quite yet, so I'm just not.

I've missed my sweet daughter and appreciated how diligent she has been in calling me regularly, which I asked her to do.

I bought a little something in Hico today.  It says this:

Love your
crazy, unbelievable.
challenging, side-splitting.
spontaneous, improbable,
exasperating, big-
hearted, absurd, delicous,
Abundant, Inspiring,
joyous, daring,
beautiful Life.

Loved it.  I think that's about right. 
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  1. Sounds like you're muddling through some heavy times. Wishing you luck and focus and clarity to get through them. And LOVE whatever you bought in Hico. That's definitely about right!

  2. I've been lured to your blog by Meredith, a friend of mine since about the 10th grade. Love your post about Hico, a place I consider a slice of heaven. I have a friend whose family has property there (the Seay family) and I've gone on many dove hunting trips out there, and I'm not a hunter. I go for hairy chest-beating male bonding and to breathe that air and see the wildlife, and let the others wake up at the ass-crack of dawn, hungover, to play with high-caliber weapons. Incidentally, Billy the Kid is buried in Hico and has a monument there.
    So wild to see that blissful speck on the map being spoken of.
    You have some wonderful thoughts and observations about single parenting, and if it's brought a shine to the eye of Meredith then it's a good thing for my conscience, as well.

  3. Lured...mwa ha ha! I agree about Hico and I was only there a few hours. It has a wonderful vibe. Thank you for the nice words and it's always kind of a thrill to get a comment from someone new!