Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Puerto Rico, Day Two: Doing this alone is weird

Quick background on this vacation. I'm here because I won President's Club at my company. Yes, in addition to all of my various adventures I write about here, I do actually work hard. Club starts Thursday, but I came up early with a co-worker/good friend and her husband.

Of course I don't have a husband, or a significant other (perhaps I've talked about that here before?), so I invited my friend Jennifer. Jennifer is heading up Thursday. So, for 3.5 days, I'm here solo, and I'm having to adjust to vacationing alone.

I travel for business alone all the time, but this is definitely different. I am in this room, with that view, by myself. I ate breakfast by myself. I headed out to the beach by myself. Eventually my friend joined me but until she did, it was weird, and I wouldn't have expected to feel weird about it. As a matter of fact, I had not even thought about it until I got here, the fact that I would be vacationing alone.

I think I am just a social creature by nature, more so than I used to believe. Last night I went down to the bar before dinner to have a drink and...there was no one there. So, I practiced spanish with Guillermo the bartender. I just really like people, which is why I'm struggling a bit I think. Of course, I am still having a great time and today was pretty much my perfect chill day - laying in the sun, cocktails delivered to me with perfect timing, a nice afternoon nap. I'll have a fun night out with two other couples. Yeah, I'll be the fifth wheel, but I'm okay with that.

In theory, I like the idea of vacationing alone. In reality it's lonely. Not terribly so, and I have found as this day has worn on, it's starting to fit a little better. I expect I'll be a professional solo-traveler by tomorrow night.

As I was writing this, my friend Troy texts me this: "You probably can't wait for your friend to get there." He is correct.

P.S. I talked to Sarah this morning and she is totally and perfectly fine. Her friend apologized, and it's like the inconsolable sobbing never happened. I knew that would likely be the case but last night I just couldn't get a hold of that perspective because I felt to helpless being so far away. But it was a huge relief to talk to her this morning and hear her happy voice.

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  1. traveling solo is much easier for me because i do not need as much social interaction. one thing i would suggest - do what makes you happy vs doing what you think you should be doing. not sure if that is an issue with you but sometimes i feel guilty if i'm not active enough on vacation. btw - meant to tell you last night that although you had a hard time being so far away from sarah, i think you overlooked that you were there for her, even if it was just over the phone. that's a pretty amazing thing i think.

  2. I love this because it makes so much sense. I think my reaction, both in theory and in reality, would be very similar to yours. I also think it's pretty great that you can still discover new things about yourself and about being single, and stretch yourself a bit in both areas. Good on ya.