Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What the kid eats

My dad had Sarah-duty Monday night while I was out of town. So, of course, he took her to the Headliner's Club. Oh how much do I love that?

Sarah: "Mama, we sat next to people who talk to OBAMA on a regular basis!!!"

She told me all about the evening on the phone, including the part where she requested brussels sprouts even though they weren't on the menu. Okay...what? She asked for WHAT? How old is she again? [Sidebar: it is only because I am typing this entry that I now know it is brussels sprout and not brussel sprouts.] Of course, the Headliner's found her some and they were "delicious."

But yes, the kid, my kid, loves a brussels sprout.

Tonight we went to Haddington's for dinner. And she ordered rabbit.

She's just cool, is all.
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