Monday, May 30, 2011

A little rant

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It annoys the holy hell out of me, how hard it is to find yogurt at H.E.B. that is not low-fat or fat-free. I do not believe in low-fat shit. We drink whole milk at this house. I want butter. And coconut oil. I want regular yogurt, fat and all. H.E.B. actually stopped carrying the the whole milk yogurt I like to buy.

Fat is not the problem in our diets. It's just not. I understand they are still teaching the food pyramid in school because Sarah sits in class frustrated by it. Saturated fat is not all evil. There is so much research, so much evidence that refutes the low-fat diet, but just think about it. About the time the low-fat craze started happening, our obesity problem exploded. Take fat out of the diet and it will be replaced with something, in this case way too many carbs (I am pointing my finger at bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fat-free chips and cookies, etc.) and too much sugar. That is a really fabulous way to eat if you're trying to get fat. And a fabulous way to never really be satisfied with what you are eating. It is hard to change your thinking about food when we've been preached at about a low-fat diet for so many years, but we need to. Here's a good post about it if you're interested: The Big Lie

I'm not all skinny, but it's not because of the fat in my diet, it's because of the tortilla chips and beer. Those bad carbs I was pointing at earlier. But then again, I don't want to be "all skinny" - I want to be ripped and lean. Also, I'm not opposed to carbs. I just want to get them from vegetables mostly, and maybe some whole grains sometimes.

Next. Lift weights. Do cardio if you enjoy it, but ultimately, building lean muscle mass is infinitely more beneficial to your health. I have about 5 extra lbs on me right now but my arms and legs are sculpted. (Just please ignore my middle-aged middle, where all the beer and tortilla chips hang out). Do you want to be thin or do you want to be lean? Big difference. I'd like to be lean but back to the tortilla chips and beer...apparently I want those things more.

So, I have friends that I know don't believe me on this. Maybe I should actually stop eating tortilla chips and drinking beer, and and just stay on my healthy diet which includes whole milk, whole yogurt, lots of red meat (and not necessarily lean red meat), avocadoes, walnuts, and all kinds of other fabulous foods chock full of fat just to prove my point.

And here's something else. I don't slather Sarah in sunscreen. God I know, call CPS. She is under strict orders to never, ever burn, and to wear sunscreen on her face every day, but other than that? I think a little sun is good for us. And I have read a shit-ton on that subject as well. Yes, sun ages your skin, and like fats, too much is bad. But too little is equally as bad. Go read up on the vitamin D deficiency you likely have. I got interested in this subject after a routine blood test showed I was CRAZY deficient in vitamin D in my system, and I'm blonde, live in Texas, and have never been great about sunscreen! Vitamin D is a bit of a miracle drug. It protects you from many, many illnesses. Stay out of the sun if you insist, but take a supplement. This is the first year in ages I didn't get a single cold, sinus infection, flu - anything, and I credit getting my levels of D back up for that.

Yeah okay, I feel better.

Eat some fat, get some sun...sounds pretty good, eh?


  1. On this, I'm with you and yet ... not. I believe in good fats--avocado, nut, red meat. Not so sure I feel the need for the full fat dairy (although this is partially just because of the taste to me). And I'm *kinda* with you on the weights, but also ... kinda not. I lifted weights for years, buying into the "lean muscle mass" thing (I tried both lights weights and high reps and heavy weights and low reps), and I never ever got the body I wanted. A couple of years ago, I quit weights entirely and started doing more power yoga and body-weight resistance stuff. Voila! came the lean muscle I'd been seeking. For me, that works better. Can't see me going back to weights.

  2. I think yoga is great and ultimately of course, it's what works for you.

  3. Totally agree with you about fats. I also drink whole milk and eat sugar (well, honey usually) but sugar, unlike fake sweeteners, is a FOOD ITEM. Just don't eat too much and you should be fine. Who was that guy who wrote that book about "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." I think I may be the only person I know who actually consumes the recommended number of calories daily. I got lucky in the gene lottery but I also don't squander that; if I'm burning calories I eat more, if I'm lying around I eat less. Something else I've noticed is that full-fat yogurt doesn't give me acid reflux the way non-fat does.

  4. This post? A thousand kinds of awesome. I fucking hate fat-free yogurt. And also, I am a health editor who regularly (as in 360 days of the year) totally blanks on sunscreen. Finally, I wholeheartedly believe that a few dinners of salad or Brussels sprouts or whatgreenhaveyou totally balance out beer and chips dinners. There I've said it.