Thursday, February 13, 2014

Matthew Hussey Lifestyle Retreat - Want the Scoop?

Okay this post isn't really for my normal readers. Not that you people are normal if you're reading this blog but you know what I mean.

I get a ton of traffic here now from people scouring the web for info on Matt's retreats, just like I did before I went. I found almost nothing. So, hopefully, if you are trying to get some feel for what the retreat is like, this blog has been helpful. I had one person email me directly with some questions and I was more than happy to answer them. I'll answer those again here, then please feel free to email me at if you want more info. I would have really appreciated having someone to talk to about it so I'm glad to provide the service.

1. About how many women participated?

On my particular retreat there were a little over 50 participants. I think that number can vary though, so could be more on your retreat.

2. Was Matthew present for every woman individually? I mean what if someone doesn't feel comfortable sharing personal things in front of everyone?

So, yes, he was certainly present. That said, he does not work with you one on one. He has a great staff there who will do that if you need some extra help, which I did on occasion. But he is very much present and invested and really and truly pours his heart and soul into the retreat. So just because he isn't doing the one-on-one, rest assured you get lots of Matt.

3. How late was the party on the last night and what if I have to leave early and miss it?

The party is a real party and you won't want to miss it. You get close to so many people during the week it is really great to just kind of blow it out that last night. One thing to know about the party: They will provide some champagne at the party and other events but otherwise it's open bar so bring some cash if you're a drinker. Like I am.

All that said, if you miss the party, you aren't missing any of the real meat of the retreat work so don't sweat it.

4. What do I wear?! From what I read it is very physical, and usually I'm a high heels person.

I had this same question and I'm a heels girl too. First thing to know. You start every day with exercise. So bring enough workout stuff for every day that you are there. You will have plenty of time to change and eat breakfast after the exercise session. Secondly, yes, it is very physical. Matthew will have you literally jumping around, a lot, every day. Don't wear heels. Be comfortable. Everyone is there to learn and grow and it's not at all a fashion contest. If you want to dress up for dinner or the cocktail hour (there is one of those), feel free but during the day be comfy. Then everyone gets dressed up for the party on the last night.

Other information I would have found helpful before I went:

You are on your own for meals. Don't be worried about that, you will have plenty of people to head out with and plenty of time for lunch etc. but meals are not organized activities.

You do a LOT of sharing with the people around you. If that makes you nervous, don't be. Again, everyone is there for the same thing. I am not a person who likes to share in that way but I jumped in and did it and I am so glad I did.

Sign up to share a room. I was MOST nervous about that but you really will want someone to debrief with in the evenings. And I don't know a single person on my retreat who regretted having a roommate or didn't get along with hers.

Leave your bullshit at the door. Don't go there to try to impress anyone. Don't make it a point to talk about what you've accomplished etc. you will miss the point of the retreat. You are going because you want to change something in your life. So who gives a shit what anyone else thinks? Go and focus on you and don't worry at all about anyone else. That's the best advice I can give you. The retreat is expensive. Don't waste time worrying about anyone but you. If that sounds harsh then you probably aren't understanding what the retreat is. It's not a team building event. It's a you building event. Everyone is very supportive of one another no doubt, but you are there for you.

And I think if you've gotten as far as googling the retreat you know this already, but this isn't a "Get the Guy" retreat. There is very little time at all talking about relationships and dating and the like. This retreat is about making changes in your life to make it a happier and prettier place.

Oh and finally? Yes, go. Sign up. Do it.


  1. Hi Clare,
    Thank you so much for this. It is very helpful. I wasn't even looking for any info other than the location. What really blew me away is that you wrote this on my late brother's birthday. He died in 1987 of heart failure when he was only 38. Spiritual gobbledygook? some might think so... but there's waaaaay too much of these insane coincidences to be anything but the real thing! Amazing! My best, Laurel

    1. Hi Laurel! Thanks for the note. Not spiritual gobbledygook in my opinion. No such thing as coincidence; everything has a purpose. So does this mean you are supposed to sign up? ;) As far as location I think he has two in Florida and one in San Diego this year. I know SD is in August. Let me know if you need more info.

  2. Hi Clare! I just wanted to let you know I stumbled upon your blog as I was looking up something completely different related to Matthew. I am going on the retreat in April in Florida. I am really excited as well! Your blog did help give me a little bit of insight though on more of what to expect. I'm so glad to hear that you had a good experience. I have no doubt I will too. I am ready!! :) I am now following your blog as well. Mine is focused on my writing but I think I might blog about my time there as well. we shall see! I had planned to journal it anyway but perhaps I will post it on my blog as well so others may find it helpful. Hope everything is going well for you since and that you and Courtney are still in touch :)

  3. Hi! I just followed you back. Looking forward to keeping up with your writing journey! And of course with your retreat experience. I think some of the ladies from my retreat are going back in April. We can't get enough! Thank you for the note and keep in touch!

  4. Yay! Sounds great! WoW! are they really? do they think they will learn more in that short of a time?
    I'm looking forward to the retreat so much. I was supposed to go last November but I had to push it back due to finances. I need it now, so I can't wait! I will keep in touch! Thank you!

  5. I've enjoyed reading about your experience at the retreat. I've got my interview tomorrow, so see how that goes. I will admit I'm concerned about the money but it appears to be a great experience. Thank you again.

  6. Hi Clare!

    I am planning to go on the retreat in October 2014. I have signed up and paid my deposit but am debating whether to share a room or take a single. It is a big difference in price and definitely more costly to not share a room but I have concerns and "what if's" For instance, what if you do not get along with your roommate, they have different habits/routines (sleep with the tv on when you need quiet, snore, etc lol), as well as just the basic safety issues, etc. What are your thoughts? I would appreciate any information you have or thoughts you could include (i.e. did anyone have a problem with a roommate and how was it resolved, # people who shared a room as opposed to those who had their own room, etc). Thanks so much for your thoughts!